Wrixon Care

Our Services

All operational services are offered:

365 days a year 24 hours a day

On a pre-arranged or emergency response basis

With support from a duty manager 24/7

As a tailored service to meet specific customer requirements

Services include:


Secure escort services for children and young people with criminal or welfare secure court orders:

  • Secure welfare orders
  • 72 hour directors’ orders

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Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, please call us on 01992 44 22 44. Alternatively click the link below or use our online booking form.

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Non-secure escort services for vulnerable children and young people

  • Escort of absconders
  • Escort to and from residential care
  • Escort of unaccompanied minors

Secure hospital bed watch

  • 24-hour secure supervision of children and young people with secure orders during a hospital stay

Care, supervision and support services for children and young people

  • From a few hours on a one off basis to 24-hours per day to long term commissions in the home or community
  • Full written reports can be provided as required

Supervised contact services

  • Arranged within designated contact centres or in the community
  • Liaison with the commissioning authority and full written reports provided

Welfare recovery order tasks

  • Assisting with the implementation of recovery orders including the removal of children from the home and escort to placement as required
  • Working with the police and other agencies

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)/ Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)

  • Assisting in recovery and transportation
  • Managing security in care environments and mobility exercises
  • Following MCA Guidelines and principles

Appropriate adult services

  • Undertaking the role of an appropriate adult for a child/ young person
  • Either as part of escort services or as a standalone service

Provision of care and support staff to work in residential units for children/ young people

  • Short or long term provision
  • Secure or non-secure accommodation

Support of young people entering independent living

  • Short or long term provision on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • Support with practical skills and assisting with developing life skills with agreed targets

Family Support

  • Short or long term provision on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • Working with families dealing with a variety of issues/ multiple support needs including challenging behaviour; parenting skills; practical day-to-day living skills and respite support.
  • Provided in the home; community; educational establishment; residential setting etc
  • Working with individual members or the whole family
  • Targeted intervention
  • Liaision with the local authority representative to work towards agreed targets
  • Regular written reports