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Accurate information is essential for us to provide a high-quality service experience. We strive to provide a dynamic response to our customer needs but not at the cost of safety and wellbeing of the client or our escorts. Although we understand the pressures our customers are under and the urgency of referrals we are also obliged to operate in a safe and responsible manner. Please ensure the above fields are fully completed and as much information provided.

We accept bookings via our website, email and by telephone. It is advisable to always call and speak to one of our team to ensure all the details are accurate and understood. Our team is on hand 24hrs to provide advice and to take and manage bookings.

We always provide gender sensitive teams. Wherever possible we look to remain consistent with our staffing choices, supplying a friendly face if available. However, we cannot make guarantees about specific staff, we are especially restricted if the booking is taken in an emergency.

Driver plus 1 escort This should only be considered if transporting more compliant lower risk clients. Consideration must be given to the circumstances and possible risk presented (absconding, violence, allegations, journey distance,). The staffing ratio does not lend itself to a safe planned physical intervention. Managing risk is more challenging with this staff ratio.

Driver plus 2 escorts The standard staff ratio, most typically used. The general risks must be considered before settling on this ratio (Absconding, violence, allegations, journey distance, etc.). The circumstances of the escort must be considered and understood. This ratio of staff is suitable for higher risk clients, as it offers a higher level of supervision and security. Any physical intervention can be managed in a safer manner when two escorts are present.
For any planned physical intervention, the correct legal framework must be in place.
When security is a major concern or an immediate priority, the above staff ratio is our starting point.

Occasionally the circumstances present a heightened risk and additional security needs to be considered to manage the situation in such instances (additional staff, specialist vehicles) please contact our control team or duty manager to make the necessary arrangements.

Our escorts are all provided with a full course of restraint training and all are annually refreshed. The training includes the use of restraint tools if necessary, full details available upon request.

We can provide customers with estimates of cost whenever requested however they are provided purely as a guideline based upon the information available at the time of booking. The length of time taken to complete a task is often unpredictable owing to the large variety of delays which can be experienced.
Any estimate provided is only done so with the understanding that it is not a binding agreement

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