Application for Support and Escort Worker

Personal Details

Have you been living in the UK continuously for the last three years?
Eligibility to drive

Criminal Convictions

The post for which you are applying is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. ALL convictions, cautions, reprimands, bind-overs and final warnings (including traffic but not parking offences) must be declared including any that would normally be regarded as spent, irrespective of when they occurred. Any offer of appointment will be subject to receipt of a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure or Membership of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme in Scotland as appropriate.

Please provide details of any convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings (including traffic but not parking offences) and any alleged offences outstanding against you

Employment Record

Please provide details of your employment history over the last five years (or from the age of 16 if you left school within the last five years) accounting for any breaks. Please give details of your current or most recent employment first. We will require verification of your employment history including evidence of any period of self-employment and any period when you were not in employment.


Please provide details of your education from the age of 11


Please provide details of training relevant to the position for which you have applied

Gaps in Employment, Education or Training

Reasons for applying

Please give your reasons for applying for this position and demonstrate your suitability for appointment by relating any relevant experience, qualifications, skills, knowledge, personal qualities etc to the requirements of the role


Please provide the name and contact details of employment/ education referees covering the last five years and a personal referee who must be someone you have known for a minimum of two years and who is able to comment on your suitability for the post (your personal referee cannot be a relative or someone you live with).

Employment/ Education Referees

Personal Referee

Further information

Employment Policy (The Employment of Relatives)

The Company’s Employment Policy states that any manager involved in the recruitment and selection of an applicant to whom they are related is required to advise the HR Manager. A decision will then be made regarding the type and level of their involvement in the process (where they are involved they will not have sole responsibility for any appointment decisions). The manager’s role will be monitored to ensure that the process is conducted fairly and equitably thus protecting the manager concerned, the applicant and the Company from any allegations that personal relationships influenced the end result.

Contract options

Please indicate the contract type you wish to be considered for:

These contracts require availability over 24 hours on rostered days

Person specification questionnaire

In this position you can expect to work on a wide variety of tasks, in a range of different situations and environments and with service users with their own individual support needs. The circumstances in which you find yourself and the behaviour of the service users you support can be in some instances extremely challenging. Due to the nature of the work we undertake, we have found a person specification identifying specific experience, knowledge or skills necessary for the role to be either too restrictive or far too long.

However, there are a few essential requirements and it is obviously in everyone's interest to ensure that applicants have at the very least, an insight into the broad experience, life skills, knowledge and attributes they will need to draw upon in this role. We would then ask that you take the opportunity to expand on what you are able to bring to the role within the application form. Answering "NO" to any of these questions will not exclude you from being considered for appointment, but will help both you and us to recognize where your strengths and weaknesses may lie and any additional support/training which may be useful but which would not be covered within our standard induction training programme. Bear in mind that we consider one of our strengths as a Company to be the diversity of previous experience, knowledge and skills contributed by our staff.


The vast majority of our work is with children and young people whose behaviour can be particularly challenging. Although direct work experience is not essential, it is essential that you feel confident working with these groups.
The Company also undertakes some work which involves supporting vulnerable adults (often with particularly complex needs).


Our service users are typically within the youth justice or social care systems.


Driving is a key part of the role and all members of the team are expected to take on some of the driving responsibility on tasks. Our vehicles are equipped with sat nav systems but some of the driving will be under challenging conditions. It is essential that you are a careful and confident driver
Excellent verbal communication skills are essential in communicating with service users and other professionals. It is also essential that internal and external documentation is correctly interpreted and accurately completed.
(i) understand official documentation – You will regularly come across care plans warrants and court orders
(ii) complete documents such as tasks sheets and risk assessments; and
(iii) write simple reports independently?


On occasions those in our care behave in ways which may present a danger to themselves or others. Our training includes the use of verbal regulated techniques and physical control and restraint techniques which may be used in such circumstances
The vast majority of our tasks are undertaken by a team of staff but on occasions you may also be expected to work alone
We pride ourselves on providing a service that is non-judgemental and sensitive to the needs of the individual.

Are you able to demonstrate an ability to:

The Company operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our pre-booked tasks are generally confirmed the previous afternoon and emergency tasks are booked as they are received. Due to the nature of our work, there will be days when we will have little no work to offer you. Equally we also have periods when we are especially busy and you may need to work very long hours
Due to the nature of our work, the role involves working regularly in stressful and sometimes confrontational situations
We hope that answering these questions has given you an insight into some of the attributes we look for in applicants and helped you to consider whether this may be a role that would work for you. If you do decide to submit an application to work with us, please use the 'additional info' section of the application form to demonstrate how you meet the criteria.

Physical and emotional challenges of the role

This role can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Some of these challenges are outlined below. Please read through this document and answer the question at the end.

Wrixon Care operates over 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our services:

  • Are commissioned by local authorities across the UK
  • May be booked in advance or as an emergency call-out
  • Range from providing support with short-term needs to delivering long-term bespoke support packages for service users with particularly complex needs but almost always involve working with vulnerable people at especially difficult stages in their lives.

Our support and escort staff, therefore, may be asked to work:

  • at any time over a 24hour period when rostered as available
  • in a variety of different situations and environments
  • with people in a wide range of circumstances and with their own individual support needs.

This will involve:

  • Escorting vulnerable children and young people who, for example, are detained in secure accommodation, have suffered abuse by others or harm themselves
  • Working with some service users over a long period and others for just a few hours
  • Adjusting to different tasks, service users and team members from one day to the next
  • Long, irregular and unpredictable working hours with start and finish times varying over the 24 hour period and, on occasions, staying away from home overnight.
  • Travelling long distances and driving in difficult circumstances.
  • Managing verbally, and sometimes physically, abusive behaviour including applying restraint techniques and handcuffs where a service user puts him/ herself/ others at risk
  • Dynamic risk assessment where advance information has not been available, is inaccurate, misleading, inadequate or out-of-date for example

Support for staff includes:

  • classroom-based, online and on-the-job training; refresher and additional training as necessary
  • support from colleagues on task - vast majority of tasks are undertaken in a team
  • a senior manager or duty manager on call 24 hours a day
  • all tasks are risk-assessed based on the information available

Physical Requirements include the ability to:

  • Give chase to an absconder
  • Apply and maintain physical control and restraint techniques to maintain safety of service users, staff and others
  • Work with service users who may display challenging (including physically aggressive) behaviour, which may include physical abuse – pushing, hitting, punching, kicking etc
  • Drive or be a passenger in a vehicle for long hours (this may necessarily be without regular stops). Compensatory rest is possible afterwards
  • Work irregular, and often long but always unpredictable, hours at any time over the 24-hour working period.  Tasks which are not pre-booked or with set start/ finish times
  • Drive with a disruptive passenger, in difficult weather conditions, at all times of the day and night, on routes with which you are unfamiliar, in city centres, motorways and in difficult traffic conditions and to tight timescales

Emotional Requirements include the ability to:

  • Deal with and accommodate emotional abuse from service users, including verbal abuse, bad language, challenging behaviour
  • Work irregular and unpredictable hours over the 24 hour period (as above)
  • Work alone while providing 1:1 24/7 living support
  • Take on an emergency task at short notice, without knowing how long that task will last
  • Accommodate the fact that the circumstances of our service users can be extremely difficult – including conviction of horrendous crimes; victim of abuse; mental or physical health issues; children and young people being transported to court, secure units, new care placements and from the family home, police custody etc
  • Use de-escalation, negotiation and other verbal techniques over prolonged periods to take/ maintain control of a range of challenging situations which can be stressful
  • On occasions, stay away from home